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Black-eye Bean Flour - 400g
Black-eye Bean Flour - 400g

Black-eye Bean Flour - 400g

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Gluten-free floor to add the nutritional benefits of beans to your soups, for baking and making dips, bean cakes (moi-moi) and fried bean fitters (akara).  Suitable for vegetarians.

Fried bean fitter (akara) recipe:

  1. Mix 100g of VicFame Bean Flour with 140 ml of water and stand for 15 minutes
  2. Whisk until fluffy, season with onions, chilli and salt.  You may add an egg for a fluffier consistency
  3. Fry a spoon-full at a time in medium-hot oil.

 Bean cake (moi-moi) recipe:

  1. Mix 100g of VicFame Bean Flour with 160 ml of water and stand for 15 minutes.
  2. Mix the paste with some oil, season with salt and stock cubes.
  3. Add more water to form a medium slurry consistency.
  4. Spoon the slurry into an oiled mould (ceramic bowls/muffin pans) and steam.  Alternatively, wrap the moulds/muffin pan with foil, place each in a baking tray and pour hot water into the tray up to half of the mould.  Then wrap all in foil and bake in a hot oven at 180 oC for 40 minutes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fine consistency! (Akara)

Finally, I can eat akara for breakfast!
This is a great product!

Eunice Akuru
Topnotch customer service

The black-eyed bean flour is the perfect, stress-free and nutritious product for the working and busy woman. It is a must-have in every woman's kitchen, particularly for lovers of bean cake and fried bean fitter (akara). It gives the fried bean fitter such an uncommon consistency, attractive appearance and sweet taste. I commend VicFame for putting in so much effort into the production of the black-eyed bean flour and other products on her shelf. At VicFame, you get value for your money. Once you start coming to VicFame, you will keep coming.

Excellent Product

This product is clean,easy to use and gives the best results. I like this product because its also quick to use and save me a lot of time. I highly recommend this product. Excellent product.

Value for money

Knowing and understanding the black-eyed bean are essential to appreciate the innovation and efforts put to getting a good quality clean, fine and attractive flour. This is an example of food processing and preservation to indigenous sub-Saharan African legume. A traditional African,working and non-working class woman that knows bean-flour cake (akara) and pudding (moi-moi) will not wink an eye buying dozens of the product for home storage and use. The flour is not just for use by individuals and families in the preparation of various dishes; also the food industries now have a ready ingredient for the manufacture of assorted products like protein-enriched cakes, bread, tortillas and cereal-legume-based snacks. This product will find use as a convenience plant-protein food and will be trending as such. Technologically, the bean flour is easily hydrated at room temperature without the application of heat and does not have an offensive bean odour. I will not hesitate in recommending this product to individuals, homes, bakeries and food industries. I enjoy the traditional fried-bean cake called akara/kose, - a product that has gone global; therefore I will always go for this flour. Please, do not stop production.

Yvonne Maphosa

Finally found this in SA. I love it